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Do you want to express yourself in words? Do you love writing and reading? Are you looking for a community to write with, a community of respectful writers who are eager to affirm the creative spirit in each of us? Then Safe Space Stories may be the place for you. Founded by Brooklyn- and Singapore- resident, Paul Rozario-Falcone, Safe Space Stories offers writing workshops based on the Amherst Writers & Artists Method. At Safe Space Stories, we nurture a caring, affirming environment in which to write and share that most precious thing - your creative self. 

What we are not...

Safe Space Stories is not a writing critique workshop, nor are we a how-to-write workshop. Sure, you’ll learn about writing craft from your own writing and that of your fellow workshop participants - they tell you what they love about what you’ve written. But we don’t talk about what writing should be. We just write and respond positively to the writing that is shared.

Why a Safe Space?

Because that’s what we all need, a safe space in which to be ourselves and to create.

Why stories?

Because writing down our stories, thoughts, and feelings is fundamental to who we are as human beings.

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