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What is the Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) method?

The AWA method is a writing method that fosters creativity in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Click to learn more about the practice.

What does "supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere" mean?

  • It means no one criticizes, asks questions, or gives suggestions to the writer about the piece the writer has just shared.

  • It means all writing is treated as fiction and absolutely confidential.

  • It means no one has to share if they don't want.

  • It means we only share with the writer what we like and what is memorable about the writing.

  • It means we speak of the character in the piece, the voice in the piece, the language of the piece, and never assume the narrator is the writer in front of us.

I'm not a writer. Is this workshop for me?

You don't have to be a writer to write with us. The AWA method is for all who wish to explore their creativity and find their true voice.

Will I learn creative writing at Safe Space Stories?

You'll practice creative writing by writing your stories and listening to those of others. Although we are not a classroom lecture how-to we believe that you will begin to recognize the elements of good stories simply by writing and listening.

Can I bring in work I have previously written for feedback?

Not during the workshops, but if you wish to have a one-on-one consultation please do get in touch.

I have a finished manuscript and I'd like it published. Can you help?

Short answer: No, but the workshops will help with your on-going writing. Longer answer: We can arrange a one-to-one consultation to see what might help the manuscript in its journey towards publication.

Please email me at with any of your questions.

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