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"I have attended other workshops where the criticism can be crippling and stifling to one’s creativity.  But not here.  The group writing together makes it less lonely.  At first, I was anxious to share my writing because it was raw with incomplete thoughts and sentences.  But the method Paul used to conduct the workshop provided only positive feedback and support.  It encouraged the writing process at whatever stage you are at.  I felt inspired to share my second piece of writing readily.  It was amazing to hear the beautiful stories by my fellow writers who wrote them in such a short time.  There is no better and safer space to express oneself through writing than Safe Space Stories."-- Wun

"Paul’s Safe Spaces Workshop is a magical environment, where people are able to create writing in a nurturing and inspiring community.  Participants are safe to take productive risks and are instantly rewarded for their efforts in this workshop. I’ve been in many workshops, and have also led my own, and Paul’s calming energy and well-designed prompts are a unique combination and are not to be missed. I look forward to attending another workshop soon." -- Alison Lowenstein

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